Insulin pump


Why to choose insulin pump DANADiabecare IIS?

Advantages of treatment by insulin pump:

  • Lowering of total insulin dose

  • Life quality improvement

  • Flexibility in lifestyle (meals, work, sleep and play)

  • Reduction in hypoglycemia

  • No need multiple daily injections

  • Better management of Down phenomenon

Prolongationor elimination of the onset of diabetes complications


What is insulin pump?

Insulin pump is a device which weight approximately 61 gramms and is of mobile telephone size; moreover it is very durable and waterproof.

Insulin pump is a medical device for treatment of type I diabetes mellitus. You,or your diabetes professional program the pump so that insulin is delivered i na manner which imitates normal pancreatic function. This is known as a „bolus rate”. In addition you are able through a touch of button, to deliver exactly right amount of insulin need to match your food intake. You use this „bolus” before meals or snacks or when you have a high blood sugar. Bolus and basal dose of insulin should be approximately 50:50.

Why to choose Insulin pump therapy?

People with diabetes cannot produce insulin like normal people does. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure and blindness.

Insulin pump therapy allows you to set a basal rate, or background insulin, to be delivered continuously throughout the day and night for the normal body functions. With the insulin pump, you can get your insulin levels as close as possible to the way normal pancreas would produce.

It's a new exciting life with insulin pump:

  • Improveglycemic control and reduce of Hb A1c.

  • Reducethe risk of complications from diabetes - eye disease, kidney disease, nerve disease, diabetic foot, heart attack and stroke.

  • Get flexibility in lifestyle – meals, physical activities

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